About Me

Hi there! My name is Taha, I’m a security researcher. This is where I post my writeups and other useful information. I’ve been in the game less than a year and am already so deep down the rabbit hole. Nothing warms my eggs in the night better than a good Boot-To-Root box or some Darknet Diaries episode. When i started meeting new people in this area i decided to create CTF team called APTx1337. As it turns out, security is a long and fruitful journey. I later deep-dived into learning to become a penetration tester and hope to share whatever I can with anyone who is interested to become one too.



APTx1337 is A ctf team built of and by people who desire a common goal, to improve the art of hacking in a safe, friendly and legal environment. APTx1337 is submitted in online CTF competitions regularly and participants compete with other like-minded people. APT1x1337 has also built a flowering community, where members can participate in minor events and hack together. be sure to join the discord server and talk with us!